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Welcome spring.....

We welcome spring as a time to reinvigorate our minds, bodies & soul… we enjoy working in the garden more, we get outside more, the days increase in length now until the Summer Solstice in June….we sweep away the cobwebs from our homes and our minds and we set new goals and new intentions as we enjoy more sunshine. This is the growing season… a time of fertility, new growth, rebirth, the season of manifestation. We focus on energizing with our yoga poses to detox and cleanse out the leftover “Kapha” …. (The stagnation of earth and water that is predominate in this season according to Ayurveda). These energetic and detoxifying sequences help to clear out the mind and body and provide space to create positive changes in our lives…. to continue growing and expanding and connecting with ourselves and others. It’s a way to break out of the darkness that has accumulate all winter. Take time this season to find balance in the body, physically, mentally and emotionally with all of our activities.... classes at the YMCA.... volunteer activities in the community, church, school, home, recreation in our lives... whatever brings you special meaning.... take the time to breathe in the fresh air of springtime.


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