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Most Yoga classes taught by Debbie at the Caldwell YMCA and in the community, include all levels of participants, from first time yogis and beginners, to more advanced students.  We incorporate all types of yoga philosophies from gentle and restorative (including chair yoga) to more demanding poses and movements including some advanced poses to challenge the seasoned yogi.

"At the YMCA, we teach to all levels in our classes, offering a wide assortment of yoga opportunities.  In fact, our instructors all come from different yoga backgrounds.... it's a great place to try different types of yoga.  I personally like to teach to a 'middle level" offering modifications to those who need to be more gentle and to those who need more work."

When setting up a class in the community for your organization, it's easy to set a distinct type or pace with Deb.  We are very flexible in what we can teach.  "I am happy to get you started and just work with you one on one, or in a small group and move slowly to introduce you to yoga.  I am also perfectly comfortable with teaching a large group, or faster paced, and more advanced - really getting all of the  muscles and joints moving - it can be very invigorating.

Yoga Classes

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