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Current Weekly Schedule
Classes at the Caldwell​ YMCA

At the Caldwell YMCA, Debbie teaches a variety of classes 5 days a week.  These classes include Pilates mat and sculpting, Yoga for all levels, as well as "Silver Sneakers" Yoga stretch and the Cardio Circuit class.   Please check Deb's schedule and the Caldwell YMCA's for further information.

Classes available to you and your group can be scheduled after contacting Debbie to decide the time/place/content/and length of class.  We are very flexible and work with a variety of businesses and organizations to accomodate their client's needs and goals.  We look at the current schedule and then see where we might fit a class in for you.....Debbie can offer suggestions on how you can organize this effort to motivate your class to get started and to make this process fun as well as simple and enjoyable.

Classes for you and your organization
Special Events & Private Sessions

One on one private sessions are available at a per session schedule/rate. Sometimes clients are interested in getting private instruction in yoga or Pilates to learn the basics and ready themselves for attending a class or studio.  You may just want some extra time and attention to improve skill levels or for any number of reasons.  These sessions can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for both you and Debbie.


If you are interested in a workshop type of (one time only) experience, whether it be for a large or small group, at a retreat or part of a program for another event, please make contact with Debbie to check her availability.

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