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Welcome May

Welcome May…. The weather has been beautiful….we’re working on our yards and gardens…. We’re riding bikes and going for long walks….kids are graduating from high school and college (in fact, my own daughter is graduating from the University of Idaho on the 17th of May)…. So many activities…. We are feeling restless to be outside and to plan those summer vacations. Although I am in the throes of planning graduation and a party, a summer trip for my daughter and myself, working vigorously in my garden and also inside of my house (with several upcoming social events) I have still been looking for new ideas for my classes at the Caldwell YMCA. I recently took a Silver Sneakers training and was reminded of specific moves that are appropriate for seniors in both the chair yoga and the cardio circuit classes. I have been adding a couple small moves during each class… and looking for more opportunity to do even more. Obviously, with all of the “events” in my immediate future… I have to pick and choose wisely so I don’t over-extend myself or and get into that “uh oh… ‘stressed out’ mode with too many items on my plate”.

In Yoga and Pilates classes we have enjoyed some new moves and some therapeutic focus on specific anatomy and injury prone areas of the body. I heard a lot of positive feedback from our “healing hips and low backs” class a few weeks ago and more recently, “healings necks and shoulders”. I really enjoy researching new moves that encourage us to explore more of these healing moves in both of these classes. One move in particular that focuses on toning and strengthening the neck and upper back was so well received; I decided to take a couple of photos to actually show you this move.

Photo #1: lie on your back with knees bent and feet close to the hips, arc the back and press the tail bone into the mat, as well as the shoulders and the back of the head (tones the neck)…. Reaching arms up overhead.

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