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Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates classes, can include, both gentle moves on the mat, to more vigorous moves that include sculpting with light weights  and mixing yoga and Pilates together.  Debbie has taught PiYo (a specialty class at the Caldwell YMCA that uses yoga and Pilates moves/poses to burn calories and work the cardio-vascular system.)

"I really like to mix Yoga and Pilates together in my classes, to incorporate the balanced body ideals of Pilates and "core" work, with the smooth and graceful movements of Yoga.  At the YMCA, I teach all 3 kinds of classes.  One day a week, we are on the mat, doing 'traditional Pilates' mat exercises, sometimes using props, a lot of the time - just our own body weight.  One day a week, I mix the Yoga and Pilates together, sometimes moving virogously, sometimes focusing more on breath work.  On Fridays, we do "Pilates Sculpting".... we use heavier weights for additional upper body work and to enhance all of those 'core" exercises....we have a lot of fun with more upbeat music on those days....and a lot of my older students, don't get all of the strength training they need.... so we add it in... and they love it!"


In the community, I usually incorporate Pilates moves with my yoga classes, and everyone is happy!  Like pure Yoga classes, Pilates classes can be adjusted to exactly what your group needs or wants!

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