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A fabulous Opportunity...

The end of February…. Brings some new opportunities…As most of you know…I am teaching a Tuesday/Thursday late afternoon Yoga class at Lewis and Clark Elementary School in Caldwell. As we finish up the month of February...and make decisions about continuing our monthly yoga classes….I’ve decided to go ahead and make this opportunity even MORE ATTRACTIVE for anyone interested in our classes. Instead of 4 weeks for $35…. We are going to go for 6 weeks for $35. (Mention that you saw it here on my web site!!!) This is a very good deal for taking a yoga class, twice a week, 1 hour on Tuesdays/Thursdays from 4:15pm to 5:15pm. There is one little “glitch in the git-a-long”… and that is the LAST WEEK OF MARCH…. 24th – 28th…. When the Caldwell Schools are closed for Spring Break. We will be meeting at the Caldwell Industrial Airport off of Linden Rd…. for those 2 classes that week. (March 25th and 27th) same time! Originally, I toyed with the idea of taking that week off, and offering the first week of April as an alternative…but now we are able to meet at that beautiful facility out on Linden Rd… in a clean and spacious room. Even if you are unable to make all of the classes in 6 weeks, this is rare one-time opportunity. So gather some friends… and meet us at Lewis and Clark Elementary School next Tuesday, the 4th of March at 4:00pm and join us for some relaxing yoga. If you have friends who have never done any Yoga, and are not a member of any of the YMCAs or Athletic Clubs in the area.....this is a fabulous deal to get them involved with Yoga.... so pass the information along! Any question? Concerns? Contact me on my web site! < >

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