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February, the month of LOVE

February… the month of LOVE….In Yoga, we are focusing on the Heart Chakra… opening and healing the heart… well as some meditative time on Friday, the 13th…for some meditations on Love. Don’t forget… all of these “Holidays”… I LOVE to bring treats to my classes at the Caldwell YMCA. I will bring some fun treats to eat on Friday (yes, the 13th)… sugar ones and sugar free ones…. Other classes we will continue to explore the core in Pilates…and a traditional circuit for our Senior Silver Sneakers…. Let’s all just keep moving and keep breathing. Lent begins for some folks on the 18th… (depending on your Church affiliations and traditions)… a lot of people give up refined sugars and flour and certain foods and drinks (alcohol?) hm… sometimes?… caffeine?…in honor to show sacrifice in our lives, as Christ sacrificed himself for us. Sometimes we do something for ourselves or others... depending on where our personal focus is this month. There are other traditions that call for different eating plans and cleanses at different times of the year. It’s always interesting to me learn about some of these traditions or focuses for different cultures of people. However, I think we all can agree about our LOVE theme for the month. As much as we can, we will stretch open the chest, and allow our hearts to soar! Have a great month and share with me some of your cherished traditions that you grew up with if you have some time this month. Thank you and Namaste!

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