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Senior Exercise Classes

Exercise classes designed with the older adult (65+) in mind, usually in a small group setting, to improve their health and fitness levels. The purpose is to increase strength, range of movement, agility, balance and coordination and to improve participant’s functional capacities, physical fitness levels and sense of well-being. Utilizing programs currently in place (i.e. “Active Older Adults” and the “Silver Sneakers Program”) we customize exercises for the senior adult that are appropriate for their current fitness levels. At the Caldwell YMCA we utilize chairs as support for beginning muscular strength and range of movement classes, as well as more advanced “Cardio Circuit” classes that increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance capacity in a low impact aerobics class. We use equipment (balls, bands, elastic tubing, hand weights, etc.) to provide more opportunities to increase those fitness levels. Classes are appropriate for individuals who are fit and active as well as those who are sedentary, intimidated, unfamiliar with exercise, or entering post-rehabilitation programs.


Debbie can incorporate these same programs/low impact aerobic moves into any other class environment for small groups, businesses or even individuals.

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