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New Schedule

New Year... new schedule... check it out under my weekly schedule. I have added a Tuesday/Thursday yoga "for all levels" class at Lewis and Clark Elementary School in Caldwell in the late afternoon (4:15pm - 5:15pm)....Cost is $35.00 for the month (a great deal, and can be paid at the first class of the month)....beginning Tuesday, the 7th! Contact me for more information.

Friday morning 9:15am yoga class at the Caldwell YMCA is now being taught by Andrea Cowling. (It was really nice on Friday, to GO to a class and take my own final relaxation... how nurishing, how refreshing..... a great new years resolution for me!)

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone back at the Caldwell YMCA for classes as we kick off the new year with some new class offerings. Check the Y's web or their new class schedule coming out this week. If you are unable to come to the YMCA right now... then sign up and take a community class, like the Yoga we are offering at Lewis and Clark Elementary in Caldwell -- 2 days a week. Stay focused....take time for yourself, put time and energy into your own health and well being, that's a great long term goal for this new year and for the future!

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