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Memorial Weekend

My husband and I just attended the college graduation of our daughter, Amanda; this past Saturday at the University of Idaho in Moscow. This coming Saturday, we are hosting an Open House for her, so that family and friends may come and wish her well on life's journey. (We're still not sure exactly what they journey will be or where?) So MY life has been busy, planning a party, preparing food and decorations, and later on - a tired cake and special desserts in celebration of another 'rite of passage' in life.

We will spend Monday morning (not at the YMCA - it will be closed), but at the cemetery, honoring those whose passage through this life, included military service to our country. We decorate the headstones of our ancestors with flowers and ferns; and not just the ones who served, but all of them on this special day. Take some time out this weekend, hang out your American Flag, visit some ancestral grave site, honor those who have gone before us, put on your white shorts, sandals and bar-b-que some food outside. As Memorial Day is the 'un-official' start of our summer season....we'll enjoy a bit of break with a holiday this weekend. Smile, find peace and gratitude today!

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