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December 2020

I've been decorating my house for Christmas, this first week of December. I keep telling myself, I am "down-sizing" the holidays a bit, since my children are not around, and we aren't planning any big dinners or parties (as usual). I can't decide if I'm depressed (because I'm a very social person who loves to entertain) and it's difficult to not be planning and organizing 'something?'; or relieved, because I have a good excuse to not go "all out" and bake and bake - sweets and treats every day, and spend a fortune on new decorations (that I don't need), and schedule myself into a corner where there is no time to breathe. I guess I still need to get some sort of holiday salutation out to friends and family.... ?do they really enjoy those long newsy letters we send every year, (out of obligation for the 37th year of doing them?) or they just pretend to enjoy them? I personally like to see updated photos of friends and family.... so if I can find time to get some photos taken of my husband and me (that look decent?) then maybe I'll send a photo card this year. Whatever I do -- whatever YOU do... we are running out of time... Christmas is here and the post office has deadlines. Oh - wait, I was planning to send a box of goodies to at least 2 of my kids that don't live around here.... and make special things for those older family members and friends that are "stuck indoors" staying healthy from the Covid Virus this year.... uh oh... maybe I do have a lot on my plate after all. Merry Christmas to you all and keep up with your usual routines to maintain your sanity this holiday season and all year long. Maybe I'll see you at the Caldwell YMCA for an exercise class, or maybe on FaceBook....... XXXOOO DebO


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