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It's the end of July 2020, I think

How has an entire month gone by and I haven’t noticed it? Sadly … many things have fallen by the wayside these last few months. As Covid 19 virus… the “Pandemic” that has swept the nation… (well, more than that… the entire world…) has been in the forefront of absolutely everything we do these days…. It’s been a challenge to focus on anything else. Every time I go to create something new in my life (a craft, a class, a routine, a party or event at my home, anything… anything at all…) there is a “newsflash”…. We have thousands of new cases in just the last few days…. Hospitals are inundated with sick people needing ventilators and more people are dying. I get thrown off track… a deep depression comes over you and you sit in a funk for a few hours, a few days? Trying to decide a direction to go. Do I continue forward? Do I go out and buy another mask? I’m a terrible person who doesn’t care about others if I don’t wear a mask over my face. If I do wear a mask, then some people say, “oh, you’ve been brainwashed… it’s the government trying to control everything in our lives…. Masks don’t do a thing….it doesn’t matter…. Or “it isn’t real”. I want to throw up my hands and say…

What the h____ do I do? I’m stuck….damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Can I cry now? Focus is diminished…maybe I’ll be teaching at the YMCA next week… and, well… maybe I won’t. Are there new rules? Has something changed since yesterday…. Yes, and Yes!!! EEEkkk…now what????

People are really needing the calmness and the relaxation of meditation, restorative yoga, finding balance and focus in their lives more than ever now. (including those of us who use these resources to help others.) It is scary and frightening not to know what could be coming, how to deal with the ‘here and now’, how long this will last…. This, this,… “thing” called a Pandemic…. Will I get sick? Will I have severe symptoms or easy? So easy, that perhaps, I pass it on to someone else without knowing? Perhaps I should just stay home and hibernate for awhile. Wait a minute…. We’ve been doing that pretty much since the beginning of March… it’s the last week of July…. We can’t go on like this…we can’t stay cooped up… we can’t cope any longer…. I want to run away and just scream!!!!

Is this how you feel too? Or am I in this boat alone? Wait a minute…I think the newest catch phrase is “we are alone together”. Let’s just Breathe….. together…. Apart….one big breath… one universal OM maybe…. Some days are better than others… I’m looking forward to better days. The glass is ½ full. The sun is shining….my heart is happy again….just don’t hug me. Namaste’.

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