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Happy St. Patrick's Day 2020

May the luck of the Irish be with you this St. Patrick’s Day. Hoping you are well and washing your hands everywhere you go and observing “social distancing” so we don’t spread any virus germs. We’ll always remember this early Spring of 2020 as the season of the Coronavirus. I certainly hope it is short lived and doesn’t affect any of you or your family members. So drink up to your health…. Water that is… stay hydrated, add some lemon juice to your hot cup of water in the morning, wipe or spray off the surfaces where you touch and be kind and thoughtful to those around us, who may be at a higher risk of contracting this Covid-19 virus.

We welcome spring this week with a celebration of the Vernal (spring) Equinox on Thursday, the 19th of March. (SS Chair yoga – 8:15am)… and as well, in my yoga class on Friday for restorative yoga @ 9:15am. The Caldwell YMCA is open (and very clean I might add!) for business as of this writing. (things can always change, so keep checking your Y app. or social media page). My classes will continue (with a small change). We will be limiting our class sizes (to honor “social distancing”) to 10 people for the yoga room (where I teach, Pilates, Yoga and Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit) and 15 downstairs in the Rec. room for my chair yoga classes. Please be observant and cooperative of the signs/notes on the doors of classrooms and “out of order” signs on the floor equipment… these are in place to help (if not protect us) at least to slow down the spread of the virus. Once the 10 spaces have been filled up, we will begin our class. I’m sorry if you come to the Y and find that you cannot get into the class that you wanted to take. Please be patient… and perhaps walk around on the track, use some of the equipment… maybe find another class that is not at capacity. (This too, shall pass).

In lieu of this situation, I will try and put together some new (short) videos for all of the classes… so you can do some at home if you are unable to get to the YMCA. Again, please be patient…I’ll move as quickly as I can to get some up. There are several here on this website under the “connect” tab…. Check them out. I will end up posting some to social media – so watch for them!

Smile… be happy….things don’t always turn out the way we intended…. But we can make the best of our situation with a positive attitude and a smile on your face.

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