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February 2020

.“Believe in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles.”

~ Roy T. Bennett

As we make our way through this month of Love….take time out for gratitude towards others…. Compassion, caring, kindness… then look back at ourselves and find that same passion and purpose… taking care of ourselves….creating positivity every day to move forward with meaning and a goal or intention for our lives. This month… commit to yourself…. Stay on the journey… whatever those New Year’s intentions and resolutions were… keep striving for something good and purposeful in our lives….

My classes at the Caldwell YMCA continue with Pilates @ 8:15am on Monday/Wednesdays/Fridays… followed by Yoga for all levels on the same days at 9:15am….and finally, Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit Classes (not necessarily for “seniors”) @ 10:15am….. a low impact aerobics class. On Tuesdays/Thursdays @ 8:15am – I offer “Chair Yoga” for those looking for something less vigorous and without getting down on a mat. I’m looking forward to offering lots of exercise options that are inclusive for everyone… so join us if you are able. If you are not… there are lots of other options at our YMCA or any others in your area. It’s not just about exercise… it’s about creating that life of passion, purpose, magic and miracles. The YMCA is committed to helping and supporting folks in meeting their fitness goals and developing supportive relationships. We want to make a difference in people’s lives by “strengthening communities” through our work in “youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.” The Y’s values of: Honesty, respect, caring and responsibility….are the cornerstones of our love of working with members and helping folks in the community…. Achieve those dreams… to stay on that journey forward… to build friendships/relationships and to create that life of passion and purpose.

Find your passion this month… create your personal love story… the life we were meant to live!

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