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February 2019

The month of Love…. Ahhh… roses, candy, heart shaped surprises… get-away’s and sweet treats. We love to feel love. In fact, that’s one of the most important parts of our lives to keep us sane and happy and positive and motivated to move forward in life, to have a reason for living.

We’ve been doing a 4-week program in my Silver Sneakers Chair Yoga class at the Caldwell YMCA that will ‘finish up’ on Valentine’s Day… February 14th…. With a heart opening sequence, and lots of chatting about love, and about feeling loved and supported that helps to keep us healthy. People who are lonely and depressed are 3 to 10 times more likely to get sick and die prematurely from virtually all causes. (Dr. Dean Ornish on the “Four steps to change”)

Something new this month, as a result of this 4 week program on "Healthy and Graceful Aging" , there is a new “button” on my web page ( it’s a new subtitle under the ‘connect’ tab. .... it's called "Resources and Handouts". Listed along with ways to contact me, to schedule a private session or class, to access the free videos, and now, a way to access some of the hands outs and information that I provide to the students in my classes. There is a ton of information there….. all of the ‘handouts’ and ‘resources’ I have been using in my “Healthy and Graceful Aging” theme for the chair yoga class this month. Check it out….you can even copy it. In fact, I’ve put together an entire sheet on web site resources as well. These are great places to go (including my web site) to get information on Yoga and Healthy aging. I've included those here.... so check these out as well.

Web Site Resources

As of January 2019 – these resources were available by typing the web address into your web browser at the top of your computer page…. Or into a search engine on your I-phone.

  • My web site has many tabs for information, classes, schedules, prices for private classes, a blog that speaks to current activities, information about different types of classes and even etiquette for attending Yoga classes. And of course, copies of all of the handouts and resources that are available to you free. Just click on the “connect” tab and that will take you to a list of: (“contact Debbie by email””, “class schedule for the week”, “request a private class”, “Youtube videos you can watch for free”, and “resources and handouts”)

  • Dr. Baxter Bell, MD and Nina Zolotow have written and collected information concerning aging and your yoga practice. He is the author of the book: “Yoga for Healthy Aging”. Type in the topic that interests you!

  • our local hospital that offers many workshops/seminars and information on wellness and aging. That put out a magazine with terrific articles entitled “Health to You”….contact them for more information.

  • This is the basic web site for all of the treasure valley ymca’s where you can find information, classes, schedules, and things in particular to the Caldwell YMCA if you want to get more specifics on activities we have offered there.

  • Silver Sneakers is the governing body for our Silver Sneakers classes that are offered at all of the YMCA’s. check here to find eligibility for belonging to the Silver Sneakers program (free membership to the Y), and contact them to get on the mailing list for their newsletter that is chock full of information for ‘senior’ adults on everything from aging gracefully, to health, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, grand parenting, traveling… you name it… they have information on it!

  • another great web site to get information on nutrition and health issues with Dr. Michael Greger M.D. FACLM.

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