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Happy Halloween

All Hallow's Eve... celebrated this week. "Halloween comes down to us from the pre-Christian Celtic festival of Samhaim, held October 31st, the last autumn night before the cold and bleakness of winter. On this night, considered the Celtic New Year... the Druids believe that the supernatural world drew closer to the physical world, so human beings were more susceptible to the power and influence of the unseen. Magic spells could be cast more easily, divination (predicting fortunes) was more revealing, and dreams held special significance." (Sarah Ban Breathnach, "Simple Abundance") Involve yourself and loved ones in the the celebration of the season... get dressed up... at least to 'answer the door' and hand out traditional treats of candy and caramel popcorn & apples (to those you know well!) on this special night. tell fortunes and decorate your house and door for the season... pumpkins, skeletons, scarecrows... perhaps "Halloween" music....Find lightheartedness in your yoga or other exercise practices this week.... seek out fun and frivolity in everything we do. "Make room for mystery, awaken to the Magic"

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