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The Dog Days of Summer

We can’t escape the heat of summer…. So we slow things down…. Our practices in yoga continue to be slow and focused, nurturing to mind, body and spirit. As far as my classes at the Caldwell YMCA are concerned… this is a great time to come and check us out. Classes are smaller… with many folks on vacation this time of year… there is more individual attention… more time to spend focusing on instructions and alignment principals. Remember to stay hydrated (lots of clean, fresh water) as much as possible in the summer… it can alleviate aches and pains, and foggy brains, irritability, and all sorts of maladies, that we don’t realize are caused my dehydration. We must continue to move-even though these “dog days of summer” call for us to relax. Remember to breathe… (preferably away from smoky areas – which is a difficult prospect with all of the fires raging out west this season.)…but breathing every day helps us feel centered. Find your purpose, your intention, your gifts…. Let them marinate with your slow breath and focused movements during these hot summer days. Come indoors to stay out of the heat and blazing sunshine…. Find moments of respite for yourself… it will help you feel more calm and compassionate for others as you move through your day and the weeks ahead. (Put our next session of Wine and Yoga out at Hells Canyon Winery on your ‘to do’ list… you will love it!) Enjoy August! Namaste’.

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