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May kicks off our Wine & yoga events....

Our first wine and yoga event is scheduled for Sunday, the 20th of May at 10:00am at Hells Canyon Winery in Sunny-slope. I understand that it has already filled up to capacity. 'Just Breathe', in coordination with Zhoo Zhoo Wines from Hells Canyon is bringing you a series of yoga classes outside for one hour, with a gorgeous view of the Snake River and surrounding countryside... before an hour of formal wine tasting and special treats. The price is $18.00 per person (or $15 each if you are a member of their wine club) - and these will happen once a month all summer. Our June focus will be on balancing the body, (physically, mentally and emotionally) with a strong flow for all levels..... and is scheduled for Saturday, the 30th of June, also beginning at 10:00am (wine and treats at 11:00am). July is on tap for Friday evening, the 27th and this will be a wonderful Restorative and Relaxing yoga practice beginning at 5:30pm for our hour of yoga and a fun evening for a 'girls night out'. In August we are back on Sunday morning at 10:00am -- on the 19th and this will be a cooling flow practice. Check out Zhoo Zhoo Wines on Face Book.... for more information . Or Hells Canyon Winery. Get your reservations in early, these classes fill up and you don't want to miss this fun! Have a wonderful Mother's Day and really do something for yourself! Namaste'

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