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…”comes in like a lion….and out like a lamb”…. Or so the old saying goes. The weather seems to always be unpredictable in the spring, but for some reason, we feel light and happy and energized by the fact that the sun will be warmer, the days will be longer and all of nature will come back into bloom once again. It gives us hope for future days ahead…. It gives us a sense of renewal…. We can create new intentions (probably more practical and kinder than those we came up with at the first of our new year.) On the 20th of March, we honor the Vernal Equinox (first day of Spring) with celebrations that encourage balance in our lives…. We reinvigorate our daily work, recreation, & exercise routines with a new sense of purpose…. We clean house… we decorate with plants and flowers, we ‘detox’, physically and mentally – to refresh our minds and bodies. It’s time to get off the couch and go outside for a walk in nature… a walk in the warming sunshine as the days lengthen toward eventual summer. It’s a time to energize you soul, your home and garden, relationships and every aspect of our lives with positive energy. It’s a time to plant new seeds of intention, set new goals, encourage future crops and find creativity in our our projects and dreams.

Spring has arrived!

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