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November 2017

The dictionary definition of Gratitude is “The state of being Grateful….to show appreciation…”.

In November, we celebrate Thanksgiving, a time set aside to be thankful for the harvest, the bounty of food gathered in before the winter….to enjoy a large feast, a holiday originally celebrated by the Pilgrims back in 1621.

Centuries later… we still celebrate this time, making it a special holiday that centers around families and feasting.

We tend to bring to mind, all of those that we feel grateful for this time of year. We offer up appreciation and gratitude toward our families, friends, students, teachers, God and country, and many moments that we recall that bring us joy and happiness.

Today, cultivate those feelings of appreciation, with your own personal sense of goodness and kindness…. Express feelings of appreciation to others, and show that gratefulness in the way we treat others, by helping them, serving them, donating to charities, working for other’s benefit…. And really finding time to be kind to all people and animals. There are different ways to show appreciation and gratitude; look for ways to make other people’s lives better, and you will find that you will receive a sense of well being within yourself. Happy Thanksgiving!

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