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June is here!

It's Idaho Health and Yoga Awareness Week from the 3rd through the 9th of June. Check on-line for a large selection of free classes you can attend in the valley... from a wide range of yoga styles. This is your opportunity to try something new. It's your opportunity to get outside this month....we are gardening, we are hiking and biking, we are all taking vacations and enjoying the Idaho sunshine and fabulous weather. There is

an abundance of outdoor activities that you can enjoy..... Summer is coming..... we look forward to welcoming the longest day of the year.... (the Summer Solstice) on Monday, the 20th of June at the Caldwell YMCA. I'll be leading lots of Sun Salutations out on our newly refurbished patio/deck at the Y on that Monday. Both the morning (9:15am - 10:00am) and the midday (12:noon - 1:00pm) will enjoy a "Summer Solstice Celebration"... one of my most favorite times of the year! Remember to take some time, be grateful for the wonderful weather we enjoy here in Idaho...keep practicing your yoga even if you go on vacation. The other classes continue to move forward.... always enjoying each others company and exercising together... really raises your spirit. The days continue to get longer as we get closer to the first day of summer. Stay cool and enjoy these memorable days. Namaste'

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