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A Hot October 2015!

In case you missed it on Face Book... I received my 200 Hr. Certification with Shanti Yoga School this week. It's been almost a year since I enrolled to "Finish" what I started almost 15 years ago. The most incredible year of my life. Much gratitude and thanks has been sent to my teachers at Shanti and in particular, the director, Debbi Murphy. It's become such an enjoyable part of my every Wednesday and Thursdays for the last year... I'm not sure what I do without these wonderful people. So, apparently, you can teach an "old dog, new tricks".... lol

What incredible weather we are having… it’s been high 80’s for weeks now…. Wow…we keep talking about Fall in Yoga and Pilates classes… and about cool weather and more openness in nature and getting more grounded and I think the leaves in my front yard are the only ones that have fallen this season, so far- and it’s still hot outside. I’m waiting to add the sweat shirts back into my wardrobe. Enjoyed a relaxing weekend of just hiking with a friend… drinking wine with my husband… and taking walks in nature – sometimes you just have to ‘kick back’ and let the house keeping go. Enjoy another warm week of autumn my friends. Namaste’

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