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October is upon us…

We have welcomed Fall this past week…. Even though the temperatures here in Caldwell, Idaho are still in the 80’s… it feels more like summer time. I think we are getting a little reprieve… I’m always a little sad to let go of summer… so.. she hangs on—just a bit longer…. How wonderful. This nights are cool and crisp and the days are warm and dry and the leaves are beginning their little dance before floating carelessly to the ground. Ayruveda suggests creating a warm and comforting environment that nourishes our being as we look to balance work, rest, relaxation and harmony with the Earth through a sense of routine, grounding and connection. This is a good time to check in with you and set the stage for thinking about how far we have come this year and planning for the next big thing! We reflect on our progress (in our lives, in our homes, in our personal habits like exercise and eating healthy and in our yoga practice). Begin to slow down and take in the fragrance of the Earth as she shifts from summer to Fall… it’s really quite lovely and calming. I bought some fresh vegetables at the Farmer’s market and I plan to make some homemade vegetable soup… warming for the body and soul (well, as soon as it cools off just a bit.) Enjoy this coming week where we will celebrate the “Blood Moon” on Monday in Yoga with a Moon Salutation… and work our way through the week and end up with a very Yin Practice for Fall (long slow holds) on Friday. Namaste’

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