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Autumn Arrives this week….

….what a great upcoming week this is. The Autumnal equinox arrives early on Wednesday morning… and of course, we must celebrate in our yoga classes with Sun Salutations. Equinox means ‘equal”, and therefore signifies a moment when the length of day and night are equal. This is the time of year we transition from summer to Fall…it can be a little sad, as we say goodbye to our wonderful, warm summer… but Fall can be just as exhilarating. Fall is the beginning of the Yin cycle where Nature is beginning to slow down… a time when we turn inward and begin to prepare for winter and hibernation. There is a little restlessness in nature and in our own bodies, a time of change, a time of releasing, letting go; looking to become more grounded, as we focus on increasing Kapha, the element of earth to ground and calm our being.

Ayurveda teaches that Vata, our element of air, increases during autumn… as the wind begins to whirl, the clouds and air bring coolness and change in the atmosphere. Slow and deliberate yoga moves, focusing on the legs, the lungs and large intestines in our yoga practice, paying particular attention to deep breathing into those lungs and adding in some twists and detoxification moves. We start adding in more Yin and Restorative practices to our yoga classes to help feel more settled into our bones and allow the prana to start to circulate a little more.

Monday is a fun day in yoga against the wall building inner strength and focusing on our Pranayama (breath flow); stretching bands in Pilates for our core work, and traditional cardio circuit in Silver Sneakers classes. Friday in Pilates will be our quarterly BootCamp class… as we kick the Fall season into high gear at the Caldwell YMCA (you don’t want to miss this!)….but move into a very Yin Yoga practice to celebrate the change towards slowing down in the Fall.

Have a great week…enjoy the last weekend of summer and go play in the out of doors if you are able.

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