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Where did Summer go?

Labor Day Weekend has arrived… the unofficial end of summer. I feel a sense of sadness in a way… as I am a true “Pitta”… a girl full of fire and a definite love of summertime. I enjoy being in the out of doors, hiking, biking, working in my garden, and especially doing yoga in the out of doors. I had the pleasure of experiencing that several times this summer… and just last weekend, had the privilege of teaching a class at the Hell’s Canyon Winery in Sunny-slope, Idaho. There is just something relaxing, yet magical about practicing yoga outside. You feel such a deep connection to the earth and every vibration of your body breathes in nature and energy from the earth. Ahhh… alas… it’s time to gather in the harvest, dig out our sweat shirts and long jeans and head indoors to warmer rooms for yoga and other favorite pursuits. My mind is an absolute whirl as I am finishing up my assignments for the Shanti Yoga School in hopes of completing everything necessary to finally receive my certification for the 200 hour RYT. It’s been many years of doing yoga, and taking individual certifications on weekends from other yoga schools, which finally led me to look closer to home for more training. In the years since I have been practicing yoga, new requirements for individuals to become certified yoga instructors became available and after pursuing one school’s avenue towards this certification, it became clear, that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to finish. The Shanti Yoga School (actually based out of McCall, Idaho) holds classes all over Southern and Central Idaho and in this past year, I have had the opportunity to attend classes weekly in Boise. What a great experience it has been and so many new dimensions of Yoga have been opened to me. I will speak more to this in the coming weeks. For now, enjoy your last weekend of summer….embrace the ‘changes’ (which has been our theme this week in classes) as the seasons begin to change, our schedules and our lives are changing as Fall approaches and this is always a good thing. Think positive thoughts and relish the happy summer memories until next year. Namaste’

"Yoga and Wine" event at Hell's Canyon Winery in beautiful Sunny Slope, Idaho in August 2015

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