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The Dog Days of Summer

I came to understand that the “Dog Days of Summer” meant it was hot and sweltering… and people felt lethargy and didn’t want to move… kind of like a big, tired dog…. Lol… not sure… but the on-line dictionary presents a different view.

“The dog days, in the most technical sense, refer to the one- to two-month interval in which a particularly bright star rises and sets with the sun, shining during the daylight hours and staying hidden at night. This star is known by three names: Sirius, the Dog Star, and Alpha Canis Majoris. Apart from being the most prominent star in the constellation Canis Major (Latin for “Greater Dog”), this heavenly body is responsible for the origin of the expression dog days, a phrase that has endured through millennia.”

Whatever you believe this time of year to hold… it’s going to be hot… and it’s usually those days after the 4th of July through the end of August that everyone refers to. We are getting in those last weeks of vacation before kids head back to school and spending time in the yard enjoying our gardens (maybe we have slacked off on pulling weeds like mad-women)…but this is definitely a more relaxing time of year. We need to slow down, drink lots of water… and relax when we can. According to Ayruveda traditions….summer is the season of Pitta … hot and dry and we should be staying cool and hydrated with our activity and our food.

After a wonderful weekend of Pranayama and Meditation workshops with the Shanti Yoga School….I am inclined to keep our yoga practices, soothing, cooling and very breathy for the rest of our summer season. Today we enjoyed some Pranayama (breath work/control) practice before and after our pretty gentle practice. On Friday, we will spend some time in meditation at the beginning of our practice and enjoy a very long Savasana afterwards. So relax, breath deep, balance you body, breath, spirit, activity and feel completely at ease throughout these hot summer days that are still upon us. Namaste’

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