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"Days to laze"

"July laughs, a joyous lilt that echoes across lakes in the evening. It billows, lifting sheets on country clotheslines. It bursts, ripe and warm and juicy like tomatoes. And it sparkles: Just ask any kid who has chased it, squealing and barefoot, through a spinkler."

(Country Living Magazine, July 2006)

I love this time of year... everything slows.... everything is hot and still.... and on vacation. This will be our 15th year to host an Independence Day Celebration at our home in Caldwell, Idaho. About 10 years ago... the local "4th of July Parade"... changed its route....and comes prancing down the street in front of our house. We hang the big American Flag and offer coffee and mini muffins to all who join us in the morning to participate in this traditional, American pastime. Eventually, the noon sun is high in the sky and we're ready to eat. So the potluck tradition began... and we offer hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill with all of the fixings... and everyone brings a pot luck to share. We have paper plates/napkins/ cups and drinks.... tables under the trees with red/white & blue centerpieces....and of course, my petite four cakes that everyone comes to expect! Please join us if you can and have a firey Fourth of July holiday!

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