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Spring is almost here

On my "Class Schedule" page - I've talked a bit about Spring Yoga and the Ayurveda season of the Pitta dosha phase. We'll look deeper into this as the Spring Equinox arrives on the 20th of March. Right now we are decorating with lots of green and shamrocks and talking about St. Patrick's Day arriving on the 17th. For my family, it will be an exciting time, as we welcome my middle son home from his first tour of duty with the Army on that day! Jon has spent a year in South Korea and we are anxious to see him and here of his stories and travels in that part of the world. I will continue to post interesting articles that I have found on many yoga and fitness sights,(on our "Just Breathe" facebook page) as well as sharing good ideas and "words of wisdom" from fellow yogis and friends from the YMCA where I work. So don't forget to "Like" us on the facebook page... so you too, can receive lots of good information. Have a warm and "green" March! Namaste'

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