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Christmas is here!

Happy Christmas to everyone. It's here... we're in full swing...there is so much to do and I know we are all busy... sometimes too busy to blog, or too busy to read someone's blog. I'm just sending out vertual hugs and gratitude to all my friends and family and fellow yogis who follow us here at "Just Breathe". We are still moving through yoga poses at the Caldwell YMCA... we are still working in our Pilates and my 'seniors' are still going strong... working out every day that they can. That's all we can strive for.... doing the best we can. Showing love and gratitude to those around us. Trying not to get overly stressed about the holidays... taking it all in stride. Everyone will still love you, even if they don't get a home baked cookie from you. This entire week is slow and thoughtful.... carefully finding breath and time to move in Yoga....focusing on concentrating and being deliberate in our moves in Pilates. Next week, is the Winter Solstice...(that means Sun Salutations next Monday)....and on Christmas Eve, there are no regularly scheduled classes at the Caldwell YMCA... however, I will be leading my annual, "Power Yoga" class at 9:00am - 10:00am that day. If you are coming to town for Christmas and want to attend the class, message me about getting a pass for that day! Stay with us... hang in there... you'll be so glad you did. If you are not a face book friend, or on my email list... you may have missed an invitation to our New Year's Eve party. Please come by and give us a happy New Year 2015 hug on December 31st. We get to start fresh and new again on the 1st of the New Year. Find joy and peace in every day! Namaste'

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