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Tis' the Season....

Wow… it’s that time of year already… Craft show season… everywhere… every weekend… you can find a craft show to go to. If you aren’t attending… maybe you are ‘contributing’….. so many of my friends make crafty items for the bazaars and specialty foods and treats. What a temptation it is this time of year. The statistics say that 90% of us will gain anywhere from 2lbs. – 10 lbs. during the holidays every year…. Eeek…. I can’t decide if that is ‘stress’ eating during the ‘season’… or just ‘opportunity’ (treats are served everywhere!).

So much happens between Thanksgiving and the new year upcoming January 1, 2015. Family, friends, parties, extra cooking, school programs, special events, shopping… all kinds of activities get in the way of our normal routines. The best thing we can do for our own health… (Mentally & physically) is try to be the least disruptive to our normal schedule as we can. Try to maintain your regular workout schedule whenever possible. Eat light and healthy when you are at home alone or with your immediate family. We all have to attend functions and festivities during this next 8 week period…but we can be loving and kind to ourselves as well as our hosts… and not go ‘overboard;. Hang out at the Y ( or your favorite gym) regular exercise increases the good endorphins in our bodies, and decreases stress hormones. If you are feeling bored, try a new class… switch it up if you need to…. But don’t skip out on your exercise every day. If you have never tried Yoga….you should…. It can really help you focus inward on yourself, and learn to breathe better, and relax… and learn to take time for ourselves.

I challenge all of you to set a personal goal this season…. Not to ‘lose weight’…but to feel good and enjoy the holiday season without the excess stress and tension from the ‘dysfunctional family’ or from overeating…do what’s best for you.

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u! Have a great week.

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