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Crisp November days....

Recovering from Halloween sugar overload… and vowing to ‘get back on the wagon”….anyone else feel that way? Yes…’tis the season for sweets and treats… and it is just beginning……and - incredibly difficult to focus on the healthy eating when the festivities of the and friends and parties are all around us. I can absolutely feel it in my body… when I eat healthy (clean), organic, no processed sugar (only raw honey) and no white flour (some whole wheat, but mostly gluten free)….mostly fruits and veggies and less meat (especially red meat)…. Ho hum… we know what makes us feel good….we just need to focus. Breathe and focus……

I am focusing on something new. I have decided (after 12 years or more...of teaching Yoga?) to ‘finish’ up my 200 hour certification training. Over the last 10 years, I have taken multiple International Yogafit trainings to keep moving forward with my yoga practice (and my student’s) always hoping to reach that 200 level goal and become registered with Yoga Alliance. I have discovered that it is out of my reach to continue doing that with Yogafit - being so expensive and out of the area (traveling and attending week long conferences to complete the trainings needed)… that I have returned to ‘yoga school’. Yes… I am attending the Shanti Yoga School (based out of McCall, Idaho) and with classes in Boise – makes it very accessible. So, not only am I attending ‘lecture’ classes and master classes on Wednesdays, but have the opportunity to add Sunday classes and weekend ‘Intensives’ to that schedule when they come along… all for one affordable price. The best part is, this training is so flexible, it allows the student to work at their own pace and take up to a year to complete the requirements. Since Yoga Alliance requires that all of the trainings be from the same ‘accredited school’… I am virtually starting all over again…….soooo… this makes DebO a very busy girl for the next year. I am anticipating learning a lot and digging deeper into my own personal yoga practice. I am excited to bring new ideas and updates to you, all of my students.

So enjoy these cold and crisp days of November, breathe in all of the positive energy this time of year offers, and cherish this moment in time, you won’t get it back and tomorrow will come when it will. Enjoy life!


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