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October 2014

2 weeks into Fall and our temps are in the 80’s the past few days. What wonderful October weather we are enjoying…. I hope everyone gets out and takes a walk after dinner. Wow. It’s been just a little over a week since my daughter, Amanda, left for Korea; teaching English to elementary age children in a private school in Seoul. So far she loves it…I am missing her and all of the activity in the house. The cats keep wandering upstairs looking for her…..wondering where she is. Ah… life goes on as they say…. Each day seems to bring something new and different… it’s always an adventure. I enjoyed a fun adventure last Saturday morning out to Hells Canyon Winery in Sunny Slope to lead a yoga class for a bride and her gal pals in the early morning on the day of the wedding. Besides the dogs (yes, real dogs) getting onto the mats with us…. The chicken decided to join us during final relaxation…. Wasn’t so relaxing but a truly hilarious and an unforgettable yoga practice….one of the best ever. We’ve been talking about Autumn activities in my classes at the YMCA; about the seasonal flow and rhythm of life…. It truly is a bit of a restless time, a little spacey… a time for going inside for meditation and contemplation. I’m thinking about preparing some homemade soups (I’m just waiting for the weather to get a little cooler)… it just sounds so right this time of year. I’ve been in a bit of a Fall cleaning up period as well – not sure… but we spent last weekend clearing out the garage and throwing things out. At the same time, I have been going through some of Amanda’s things she left behind after she left for Seoul, South Korea…. And one thing led to another…. And I’ve been cleaning rugs and bathrooms deeply and going through cupboards….it’s amazing the energy you find when your subconscious says…” let’s clean things up!” I hope you all are taking advantage of these wonderful Autumn days… whether cleaning out, making soups and stews, leisurely walks in the late afternoon sunshine, or making plans already for the holidays…. Enjoy these days of slowing down just a bit.

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