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Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend

The official ‘end of summer’ is upon us….even though I really enjoy this time of year, the weather, the garden overflowing with its bounty, children headed back to school…. I always feel a little sense of sadness …something leftover from childhood, undoubtedly, as the beach vacations came to an end and those long, hot & sultry days of summer will be behind us. The(lighthouse) flag that has been hanging in front of my house during the summer months to remind me of my East Coast roots and the ‘Outer banks’ ….….has been replaced with a large sunflower flag, representing Fall in all of its glorious bright colors and blooms. Summer just resonates with “relaxation” and “vacation” and slowing down… whereas, the Fall picks up on the commitments to projects, programs, clubs and organizations, and educational opportunities….which makes us feel compelled to get things cleaned up and moving forward with our life plans. I tend to feel that I should ‘start from scratch’ with my exercise classes that are presented at the YMCA. Although, I am technically not offering a ‘beginner’ class for yoga or Pilates….we will rewind just a bit, and become a little bit more instructional in the month of September and focus a little more on basics and breathing. If you have considered starting an exercise program that include Yoga, Pilates, or even my Silver Sneakers classes for “seniors”… this is a great time to do that….as these classes may be a bit more gentle then we found them to be in the Spring…..and a lot slower and more basic for a few weeks.

Deb & Amanda Summer Adventure 143.JPG

I am sending my baby girl off into the world in a few weeks. Amanda has signed a contract with a private school in Seoul, South Korea to teach English as a Second Language to elementary age children, for one year. As we wait for the plane ticket to arrive, she is packing and re-organizing her room, her life, her priorities when it comes down to ‘what to take?’…’what to leave?’. I feel that way too as we head forward into Fall with classes at the Caldwell YMCA and contemplating some other adventures in my life. What to do? What to take on this journey? What to leave behind? (or get rid of ?) Time to clear out the clutter and make some life altering decisions. May your journey be as fruitful and enlightening!

Don't forget that our Caldwell YMCA is closed on Monday for Labor Day!

Happy September!

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