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The Dog days of summer

Hot....sizzling....those August days and nights.... we feel sluggish and our schedules are full of vacations and getting ready to go back to school. It's a good time for some gentle flows....after 2 weeks of vacation and one week of returning - jumping back with both feet into my classes and workout program.... one of my knees has decided that they are not ready to return to this full-on workout schedule that I am trying to push. Ha! I will be 'listening to my body' over the next few days and weeks.... listening to what the doctor might tell me (when I can finally get in to see him) and allowing ourselves a nice flow time in yoga classes this week. Back to basic Pilates Mat.... lots of instruction and lots of time to practice using those core muscles....Silver Sneakers will continue their 'traditional curcuit' classes.... although I might be doing some side line opposed to jumping around with you. Whatever your pace, whatever your speed over the next few weeks... come along with us.... find an apprpriate level from which to work..... listen to your body (no matter what class or what exercise you are doing or what equipment you are using) gentle during these hot summer days...keep hydrated.....enjoy these last few days/weeks with your children (or grand children).....we can just put ourselves on 'auto pilot' for awhile and enjoy the ride. Namaste'!

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