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Back from summer vacation......

Having just returned from a 2-week adventure with my daughter, Amanda.....driving through the Southwest United States..... I am anxious to return to teaching fitness classes at the YMCA in Caldwell, Idaho. We had a fantastic time, hiking through Bryce National Park and Zion National Park in Utah, as well as the Grand Canyon in Arizona (pictured here)....we then dropped down below sea level in Death Valley National Park after a quick couple of days in the energetic city of Las Vegas, Nevada, and a quick tour through the Hoover Dam not far away. We enjoyed some leisure time on the beaches of California catching up with old friends and then headed home via Yosemite National Park, also in California.....Reno, Nevada and finally back to Caldwell, Idaho. It was an incredible vacation and gift for Amanda (having just graduated from the University of Idaho in May) and a much needed break for me. Many thanks to all of my instructor/friends at the Caldwell YMCA who subbed classes for me.... it means a lot to have so many step in to help, and to allow me this respite and bonding time with my daughter. I won't go into any more details of the trip (or all of the "not so healthy" eating we enjoyed) <you can check out more photos on my Facebook page>.... but suffice to say.... it was fabulous! BUT! it's back to work tomorrow (Monday, the 28th of July)... hope to see many of you in class that are able..... or checking out the Youtube videos on this web site. Stay cool as we head into the 'dog days of summer'. Hugs, Debo

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