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June 2014

I just love summer... it's warm and sunny and the weather offers the opportunity to practice outside. I have done that a few times at home....but think we will stay inside the Yoga Studio at the Caldwell YMCA where we have music, & bathrooms....

The warm, sunny days of summer are wonderful, but for those of us with allergies, they tend to aggravate those symptoms of watery, itchy eyes and runny noses. I’ve been told that it’s important to change up whatever medications you are on. For years, I’ve taken Claritin-D and now have switched over the Allegro, hoping for some positive results.

A couple of changes have happened this month. I have now resumed teaching the 9:15am Yoga class at the Caldwell YMCA, as my friend, Andrea is working on some projects, before she prepares to head back to Nursing School this Fall. What an amazing woman is Andrea. She will be available for subbing classes as she continues forward. If you see her at the Y… thank her for her gentle moves and loving & caring manner in Yoga classes. I will continue to keep that class at a slow and more restorative level, being gentle and cautious as we move forward with our practices this summer.

I will be on vacation for 2 weeks in the middle of July (which is a little scary) but with great anticipation to getting a little break from teaching after many years at the Y. I’ll give you more information as the time gets closer.

Put the 4th of July on your calendar if you live in the Caldwell, Idaho area. Our annual picnic/parade/party is coming up. The City of Caldwell provides the parade (which marches by, right in front of our house)… and we invite all of our friends to bring lawn chairs and a pot luck dish to add to the table and we provide hamburgers, hot dogs and all the accompaniments and enjoy our celebration of Independence Day. We’d love to have you join us.

Stay cool as the days get hotter. Namaste'

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