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Welcome June

Welcome to the warm and sunny summer months….. You’ll notice many Face Book notices for Idaho Yoga Awareness week this first week of June. There are many places around the valley that are offering free yoga classes this week. This is a great opportunity to go and check out other studios, other styles and other instructors. As for my classes at the Caldwell YMCA…. I tend to slow down a bit, and go back to a very basic (almost beginner) level yoga for so many of our friends that are joining in for the summer. So Yoga and Pilates classes will be gentle and instructional this month… as we begin our ‘summer vacation series’ as if we were starting fresh and new. It’s a great time to re-energize your practice if you have been lured away for awhile J or to bring friends who have never experienced yoga or Pilates in a class setting.

Check out information here on my web site ABOUT yoga and Pilates classes if you have never done them before….and feel free to send me a message on my CONNECT tab (if you have questions or concerns); or even, check out some of the You-Tube videos that are available if you are unable to attend classes at your regular time for whatever reason (a lot of us are taking vacations this summer)…. So you can always feel connected to us through the video links. Remember, you can always modify poses upward or down, depending on your own needs.

p.s. take your lap top outside while it’s warm and delightful and connect to our You tube videos for your practices!

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