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Consistancy & self motivation

The Winter Olympics are in full swing now…we have enjoyed watching some of our young American athletes competing against other athletes from various countries. One thing that really struck me, was the workout schedules and the revelation that some of our gold medal winners are using Pilates and Yoga to stretch and strengthen not only during their training schedules....but as a critical part of their on-going lifestyle exercise routines. We should take a cue from these elite athletes, and if we are not already “cross-training”…. think about mixing up what you currently do. A little Yoga, a little Pilates, a little strength training – leads to a well rounded, balanced muscles – body tone – overall strength and health. Isn’t that what we ultimately are striving for…. Health… strength….fitness….staying ‘younger’ than our chronological years? Find yourself a schedule that works well with your lifestyle. Consistency, perseverance, and self motivation to get you moving every day…. Think of your exercise schedule/routines… as just a part of your regular day. Enjoy the week ahead… maybe try out a new class or new activitiy!

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