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Love & compassion

Happy Valentine’s Week….. with love and compassion in our hearts we make our way through the month of February, enjoying heart opening asanas in Yoga classes, core strengthening in Pilates and fun and laughter in our Silver Sneakers Cardio Classes. Exercise classes should always be fun and enjoyable. –whether they come off feeling gentle, smooth, caressing and relaxing… or offering us challenges to our bodies and minds. Move through these weeks by taking a deep breath every day … and open your heart to the joy of movement, movement in any class you are taking. Whether we practice yoga, Pilates or any other type of exercise, we can practice compassion for ourselves, and our bodies….which aid in the stability of poses and movements and the fluidity of our ‘moving meditations’. Do something special on Friday with someone you love. Have a fabulous week!

Love, DebO

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