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January 11, 2014

I keep wondering how we have already arrived to 2014? Oh my goodness - where did the time go. Hope everyone has set some goals and plans for this new year and are working toward them. Personally, I am trying to organize my home/work space - which always makes me feel a little more organized. My Grandmother Hoffman used to say: "Cluttered home space - clutter mind!".... uh oh... Grandma... I am working on this, really I am. Hoping to buy a new closet system... to help me organize all of my clothes and personal belongings.... which will hopefully translate over to organizing my desk area and getting papers/bills in order for the new year. Thank goodness for a little restorative yoga that allows me to sit and breathe and focus for a few minutes.... really.. that's all it takes, and I feel renewed and invigorated to get up and get moving again. Sometimes just taking a few minutes out every day - whether you 'meditate'... or just sit with your cup of coffee and stare into the fireplace... it gives you a few minutes to organize your thoughts so you don't feel like you are running around in different directions - not knowing what you should do next. Keep moving forward, keep breathing... find a class to attend... or just walk...have a great new week ahead!

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