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Happy New Year

We hope you are enjoying the holidays with friends and family. I feel so blessed and have a difficult time focusing on ‘work’ (well, if you can call leading/teaching exercise classes, real work). Sometimes it feels like work & sometimes it feels so invigorating...I can't get through my day without some focused breathing. I’d have to say that right now, I have been so entrenched in holiday activities that I haven’t focused as much on what I am teaching. It seems like it has been a continuous celebration for weeks….my daughter is home from college and it’s been wonderful….I’ve gotten to spend time with my son and grandson a little more during this season, and we just celebrated Christmas Day, a big Open House (Party) on Saturday night… and celebrating 30 years of marriage on the 30th of December…….so much to be thankful for….so much fun and celebration this season.

As we head into the New Year, we will begin to focus on building some strength, cleansing the body with de-toxing classes and staying focused and balanced as we move forward into the new year. Please stay active, check my schedule to see if you can attend any of the classes (check the Y schedule for other classes you can attend) or go for a walk outside in the fresh air!

If you are not a member of the Caldwell YMCA, Just Breathe will be offering a Yoga class for all levels, at Lewis and Clark Elementary School, beginning on Tuesday, the 7th of January at 4:15pm for 1 hr. The cost is $35 for the month (8 classes /Tuesdays and Thursday 4:15-5:15pm) and you pay by check or cash on that very first day for the entire month. I think it will be a lot of fun… ...Angela Layne is coordinating this effort – we did this last year at this elementary school where she is a counselor... If you have questions or need more information, be sure and leave me a message, right here on the blog or private email on my ‘contact’ page of the web site!

I'd also like to take a moment at the end of the year and thank everyone who has helped me put this web site together. We just did this a little over a month ago.... and I am loving it. George Setter spent a lot of time video taping my classes at the YMCA and putting them on You-Tube. Husband Rob (has since learned how to do that too) and spent the entire summer taking still photos of me in different spots around Idaho for our site. Friends like, Brooke McCuskey, Dede Carver, Jo Gardner and Angela Layne, either took pictures for me, or allowed me to take their pictures for the site. All of the students in my classes at the Caldwell YMCA were so patient with the filming/video taping of my classes, and allowing their sweet faces to appear in still photos on my the Just Breathe site... you guys are all so awesome... and I love you for it.

Spread love, joy, peace and gratitude this season.... and have the most wonderful and happiest of New Years ever!

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