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Holidays are in full swing.....

The holidays are in full swing... we are all racing around to parties and programs, eating and drinking too much, baking and decorating, cleaning and shopping and trying to do it all. In the midst of this happy chaos, remember to breathe, to keep calm (which is easier said than done), but mostly, I think if we keep to our workout schedule... your yoga routines, your strength training and cardio will help keep the stress levels down. It seems to make things worse when we not only are behind on the housekeeping, the shopping, wrapping and decorating, but then we miss out on our exercise routine and begin to feel badly about ourselves. Sometimes you have to miss.... but even when we aren't feeling 'up to snuff'... sometimes the best answer is to get to the gym, the YMCA, your favorite yoga studio, to pull out a video tape and do something, anything to breathe a little harder and to move your muscles and joints around a bit. Remember to take some time for yourself and really enjoy the holidays (no matter what you celebrate), you can't get this time back, so bring your focus around to the "reason for the season" as they say.

Have you had a chance to check out my schedule at the YMCA? You can check and see what "kind" of yoga or Pilates we will be doing during the week at the Y. If you don't have time to attend a class... check out the "connects" tab for a connection to videos that you can do at home when the business of the season keeps you away from the Y.

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