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Personal note from DebO

Happy Fall Ya’all …..

This is a personal note to catch you up on what’s happening in my personal life. I’m scheduled for total knee replacement surgery on the last day of November (right after Thanksgiving). This has been a long time coming…. For several years I have suffered with knee pain, since Meniscus surgery back in 2007. The short story is, the “cleaning out” process of that surgery, left my knee lacking the support that it needed. Over time the knee has slowly been turning inward and giving out. I have tried my utmost to keep it straight and aligned (of course I know how to do that….LOL) lining it up in the mirror during yoga and group strength classes…. Working on keeping the muscles strong around the joint; however, it has finally given up. The bones are crushing each other and making a bad situation even worse. I’ve been taking an anti-inflammatory/pain reliever for some time, and now is the right time to have a ‘bionic’ knee in place of this old worn out one.

I have decided to stop teaching my Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit classes at the Caldwell YMCA (currently scheduled for 3 days a week) because the pain is just too intense, and every time I gasp or wince in pain….my students look terrified….. LOL. It’s not fair to them, and certainly isn’t fair for me to pursue painful activities. Thank you all for being so understanding. I’m working with our class coordinator to decide how all of this should proceed. (Whether to find a permanent substitute, cancel the class for 6 months and steer everyone to other classes that are suitable and available at that time, or create a new class comparable to Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit to take its place…. There are many options) Keep checking your on-line booking app.

I’m hoping to continue with all of my yoga classes’ right up until Thanksgiving week and then take a 2 month (minimum) break from teaching in order to focus on rehabilitation and getting stronger again.

I so appreciate all of your good wishes so far, and prayers for a successful outcome for me and my surgeon are greatly appreciated, as well a speedy recovery. (I welcome happy, positive thoughts on my behalf!) I do not need anything special, visitors, or food or anything… I know that’s what people like to do…. But please don’t worry…. I’m sure, everything will turn out just fine. I love you all and will miss you all very, very much…. But now --- it’s time for ME, to take care of ME. I want you to promise that YOU will take care of YOU… not matter what you decide to do (and I know there are many options at the Caldwell YMCA for you)…. Keep moving forward. The Fall season is a time of change…. And our paths change and so has mine.

Thank you for your support.

Love & Hugs, DebO


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