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November 2020

Welcome November....the air is crisp and clear, the leaves are finishing their Fall to the earth... and we are gearing up for the Holidays (which look like they will be different than they ever have before). We are not only dealing with the effects of the current Pandemic, but also the uncertainty of a Presidential election, and the end of a long year of being "socially distanced" from most of our friends and family. The "Professional" therapists and counselors are telling us that this year will leave a lot of us having to deal with mental and emotional challenges that may last a long time. Many folks are looking for help and therapy possibilities. Many of us, don't even realize that we need a little calm and relaxation in our life. I'd like to invite you to check out Restorative Yoga on Friday's at the Caldwell YMCA, beginning at 9:00am - especially if you have never tried this type relaxing and restoring some calm and mindfulness in our lives. We can encourage our nervous system to move into more of a "rest and digest" mode, and get out of this "fight or flight" that has kept most of us just "living on the edge" for most of 2020. Take some time to unwind, to nurture your own physical and mental bodies and minds. Let's listen to the inner voice more than we listen to the news programs on television and restore some balance in our lives. Namaste'


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