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Life is a balance.....

March is upon us….

And as they say…. “Comes in like a Lion…..out like a Lamb”

It has certainly been windy in our neighborhood. The winds of change are ongoing. I hear again, Rumi’s words of wisdom…. “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go”. It has certainly been true in my life over the last few weeks. I lost my mother to dementia in January. My husband and I lost a couple of dear old friends just weeks apart from each other in February… and just this past weekend (the 7th of March) I lost a loving and loyal cat, Jewel.

It makes me sit up and look around and try and decide what is really important in life. Life is so fleeting…. It has its ups and downs… (Like a see-saw). We try to hold onto those things that matter and let go of those things that don’t matter so much. Trying to figure that out is the real balancing act. I want to hold onto everything…. I don’t particularly like “change”….but I certainly know that in most cases, it’s how we move forward in life. I remember an old saying…..”Roses don’t bloom unless you cut them back”… you know, cut off the buds and start again---and that’s always been a hard lesson for me. I’m taking each day one breath at a time…just as we walk through life one step at a time.

I’m learning to let go…. It’s hard, but we must if we want to move forward and see the roses bloom again. I hope your journey is continuing forward in this second year of a world-wide pandemic… It’s a balancing act…. Going out/coming in/moving forward/standing still/turning right? Or left? Or throwing our hands up in the air and not knowing what to do! Sing, pray, meditate, breathe deep, walk outside in nature, listen to music, and search for meaning….. Whatever it takes to keep you on your path…. To find balance in your life.

Let’s hope that March really does go “out like a lamb”.



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