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June 2023

My roses are blooming and the vegetables are ripening, I’ve already pulled a zucchini off the vine to use. So, even though the lilacs and forget-me-nots have all faded – there are other seasonal flowers to take their place. I’m excited about the prospects of summer and warm weather ahead…. I’m a summer girl at heart, convinced I am a fiery pitta dosha (according to Ayurveda) I’m definitely coming into my season.

In a couple of weeks we will celebrate the summer solstice (and as always, I will enjoy leading some sort of solstice yoga practice, ceremony and celebration to honor the sun returning to it’s full glory in the sky) I need to think of some fun treat to make for my students at the Caldwell YMCA (where I hang out and teach classes daily.) In case you are new to my blog, I not only teach - mat yoga, but also chair yoga for “seniors” or anyone that doesn’t want to get down on the floor….LOL ….Pilates only 1 day a week now (I’m supposed to be cutting back on teaching now that I’m over 65…. Hahahahha)… and of course, my beloved Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit classes on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays at 10:15am! So, even though I’m not sure if everyone is interested in celebrating the summer solstice, I still want to include everyone with special treats for the day. (Wednesday, the 21st of June).

A few announcements I wanted to make in this blog today (Sunday, June 4th, 2023). Number one of course, is ‘wine and yoga’ with Zhoo Zhoo Wines at Hells Canyon Winery in Sunnyslope, Idaho. one Saturday, each month: June 10th (this week!!!!); July 8th, and again August 19th. All classes begin at 10:30am (unless we change that to earlier…LOL) and include 1 hour of Yoga (taught by me!) and then some wine (one wine glass, or a tasting, or whatever Hadley Robertson has in mind for that particular day)… plus some sort of treat (I’m making my new favorite “Strawberry Energy balls” (thank you Amy Sandidge @ for the recipe!)… type it the name of the recipe on her site and you can get it for yourself!

Also, The Silver Sneakers instructor team will be holding a pot luck for everyone in all of the SS classes, on Friday, July 14th at high noon. More details to come in July. Just SAVE THE DATE!

From the YMCA….. The Summer Bucket List adventure begins June 19th. Here’s how to play:

You don’t have to be a member of the Y to participate. Here is what we have for our non members friends:

- Text SUMMER to 844-889-6222. Sign up today.

- Downlaod your bucket list or pick one up at any of our 4 branches

- grab your friends and family and complete at least 20 items on the list.

- Submit your bucket list online at

- Did we mention you can win the grand prize of $2000.

- 3 family passes

- Access to Y360

- And if you do decide to join us at the Y we will waive 100% of your join fee.

Let the adventure begin!

Last, but not least… I’m intending to add several weeks of a themed meditation and discussion with my Silver Sneakers Chair Yoga Class (maybe with the Friday Restorative Mat Class if there is any interest) on “Making Peace with Aging”. Several years ago, I did a 6 week program (as part of my SS chair yoga class) on “Healthy Aging”… which we all know is important… but we all deal with it a little differently. I’ve listened to several guided meditations and podcast on honoring this aging process that none of us are immune to. (trust me on that one!) Right now, I am considering the first 2 weeks of August to incorporate this theme (which also means, yes, we can have open discussion in our chair yoga class, as well as gentle movement!) So mark this one down as well!!!!.

It's just the start of summer... put on your sunglasses, sunscreen and hats and get outside and have some summer fun. We only have one life.... let's live it up. Always feel free to send me a message with anything at all, that is on your mind. I'm going to try and share a little bit more of my recipes, hikes, and "elderly wisdom".... LOL....

Namaste' Deb Oates


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