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Happy New Year

It's that time of year.... resolutions... new path.... new ideas..... get healthy....follow your dreams.... We can do that -- wherever we are.... so let's get to it!! But you say... "How, where do I start?" The YMCA is a good place to start.... there are people to help guide you and make suggestions on life style changes, including (but not limited to) exercise, diet, nutrition, social interaction, information on healthy Check out the Y in your area.... they may have the answers you are looking for.

Our first priority is to just jump in.... take a class, sign up for a workshop, join a group and learn to play pickle ball.... there are lots of opportunities at your local YMCA... Research has shown that building relationships and making friends - helps us stick to our goals.... it creates another support system..... friends and socialization can help us to live longer and healthier.... So get off the couch.... change your calendar (It's a new year - 2023) and get out and have some fun.


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