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End of Summer.....

August 2022...

August in Idaho seems to be the hottest and the smokiest month of the year for us. We are always looking for ways to escape to the mountains or the beaches or a lake…. Someplace to relax and cool off.

My family loves to go hiking up in the mountains or someplace interesting, hopefully with a body of water nearby…. a new adventure …..a new place to visit every weekend when we don’t have a commitment….. making new memories…. And just enjoying life in Idaho.

I’ve been an outdoor girl, lover of nature and camper…. Since I was a young Girl Scout going to summer camps and beach sojourns with my Girl Scout Troop. These days, my husband and I don’t camp much any more …. But we certainly enjoy our day hikes to get away from Caldwell.

I enjoy sharing my yoga practice in the ‘out of doors’ as well…. This weekend, I’ll be leading a 1 hour yoga practice at the Hells Canyon Winery/Zhoo Zhoo winery out at Sunny slope overlooking vineyards and the Snake River and the Owyhee mountains in the background. I’m hoping there won’t be much smoke floating in from Oregon where there currently are several fires hanging on. Practices yoga out of doors, just brings nature and ‘Mother Earth’ into perspective and we feel so grounded, connected…. close to the Earth…. I feel so relaxed and in tune with what’s going on around me…. Just like I did as a young Girl Scout. I’m hoping you will join me this Saturday morning (if you are in the Boise/Caldwell area) for some comradery with other yogis, fresh air and sunshine, focus and mindfulness, a glass of wine and a couple of snacks…. Renew, refresh, and restore balance to our health and well-being. You can private message me @, or FB message, or send an RSVP directly to the winery:

Enjoy the rest of our beautiful days in Idaho as the summer begins to wind down… and come hang out with us at the winery on Saturday morning at 10:30am – 12:30am if you are able (It’s only $20 for nonmembers) and so enjoyable.

Namaste’ DebO

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