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Autumn is on the doorstep

September 2023

The summer season is waning…. The days are shorter with less sunlight than they were a few months ago. I can’t believe how quickly the seasons turn -- as we get older. Every Monday, in my yoga flow class at the Caldwell YMCA…. I welcome my students to a new week and a new focus. It’s just like overnight…. It happens very quickly….I am always amazed…..Mondays come around faster and faster each week.

Soon the leaves will turn beautiful colors and start falling to the ground. There is a certain sadness to the fall season, as we realize everything dies in this circle of life. Eventually winter will hibernate us before the spring returns with renewal and longer days of sunlight again. It’s the processes of moving forward, creating life, enjoying sunlight and summer, dying off again and turning inward for a few months of darkness before we emerge and begin the cycle again. How glorious and magnificent it all is…. How blessed I feel to live in a part of the country where we do indeed, have 4 different and distinct seasons.

I am looking forward to celebrating our Autumnal equinox (for my yoga students at the YMCA) on Friday, the 22nd of September. It will be a time of reflection… of turning inward and preparing ourselves for a time of change…. A time of transition. Our path may change, the direction in our lives may change…. we may set new goals for ourselves. Remember, change is good,; we decide what has been working for us and what hasn’t. We need to encourage a time of letting go of what no longer serves us and cut that out of our lives. Just like trimming your roses, so they grow fuller and stronger over time -- we too, can let go of some things to move forward and grow stronger. Fall is a time of detoxification in our lives, both mentally and physically – so start considering your journey that is ahead into the winter months.

Enjoy these last few days of summer, soak in their nourishment…..get outside whenever you can to enjoy the fading sunlight. Finish up those items, still on your “summer bucket list”. I look forward to seeing you on your mat, or in one of my other classes at the Caldwell YMCA… one of my ‘most favorite’ times of the year….we will continue to energize and strengthen minds, bodies and emotions together. Namaste’

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