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Social Distancing

As the Month of March continues forward and we all find ourselves at home… quarantined from the Coronavirus…. We just have to make the best of things. I am posting workout videos (of all types)…. Cardio, yoga, Pilates, chair yoga…sometimes mixing them together. So check out my “Video links”…. On the “connect” tab at this website. Looking at them on your mobile device, is very different from checking them out from your home computer. From your PC, you can see all of the possible tab links. The “Connect” tab has lots of information/updates/my current schedule and of course links to videos. I enjoy making the videos… but I will tell you that as time progresses, I will be updating those lists. Some of those videos that are older than 5 years will be getting replaced in the next few weeks. So make a choice to choose one each day and work through it… because it may be gone in a few weeks. I hope you are staying healthy, happy… breathing every day… moving every day…. “Social distancing” ourselves from others (even if you have to go to the grocery store) every day. The Caldwell YMCA is closed “until further notice”. Download our App. and keep it on your phone, so you can check on updates daily. We also have a FaceBook site: Caldwell YMCA Group X …. That offers LIVE videos/exercise by our fantastic instructors at different times of the day… go there for more information. Hope to see you all soon. Hugs, DebO

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